Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spiritual Guides

Spiritual guides are sacred companions who assist us in our life journeys. Spiritual guides may come in any form that you feel comfortable with or can easily relate to culturally, emotionally and spiritually. If we choose to recognize them, all of us can have spiritual guides.

Spiritual guides may be real persons, supernatural beings, animals or even symbols. In my case, Gurudevi Ahalya Running Deer Mahakali, is my spiritual guide. I met her in 1998 and almost immediately decided she was going to be my teacher. I regularly keep in touch with her through emails or phone calls whenever she is not here in the Philippines for a visit. I seek her assistance or advice whenever I am faced with challenges in my life or need to make important decisions that I am not sure about.

Spiritual guides for other people may be their guardian angels -- someone you pray to and ask to be with you everyday for protection, guidance and strength. For others, their spiritual guide may be a priest, a minister or a wise man/woman whom they can turn to for solace and comfort whenever they go through emotional pain or difficulties. A person you can be open about your life with, can share your pain with and can find comfort in their wisdom and their concern for you is basically your spiritual guide.

Spiritual guides can also be in the form of animals or symbols. Native American Indians look to nature for guidance and animals symbolize specific representations for them to follow and imbibe so they never forget their purpose in life as well as their specific roles in their tribe. Each member of a tribe makes sure that he or she constantly practices and remains faithful to the characteristics of his or her spiritual guide.

My animal spirit guide, for example, is a white she-wolf. She symbolizes a pure spirit; a protective and nurturing mother; a dependable and responsible member of her pack; and a powerful and formidable force to reckon with if her tribe or children are threatened or endangered. Whenever I feel lost, disempowered and lack faith in myself, I remind myself of my spirit guide, the white wolf, and remember that I have the strength and courage to get through any obstacle that blocks my way.

Spiritual guides are our source of inspiration, comfort and strength . We look to them for compassion and support when times are rough. Even when we have very close and loving relationships with our parents, siblings, friends and relatives, we sometimes still feel the need to seek another person's wise counsel and objectivity to get through our own problems; and this we are always able to find in our spiritual guides.


  1. so how do you know who or what your spiritual guide is?

  2. I am sorry for the late response and thank you for your comment. In the context of the Native American Indian spiritual guide, you can find yours through a shamanic journey with a shaman. But I believe, any highly conscious and spiritually aware person that you meet, who guides you through your life wisely, giving you a sense of security, peace and balance, can be called your spiritual guide.

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